My First Wedding Season...

My first season of weddings is officially over! I can't believe how quick it went...I shot 4 weddings from mid April to early July! I've grown so much as a photographer these past few months. I truly thank everyone who supported and believed in me. 

I especially want to say something very special about the Shore family, whom I lived with for 4 months from January through May. First of all, I LOVED LIVING WITH THEM! Since my parents no longer own homes in Ardmore, I moved in with them to be close to work and to save up for my own apartment and to pay off some college loans. I also bought a new camera and after that my photography business shot off!
Kristina, Scott, Kyra, Songja and Kindell (and Penny & Luther) supported me SO MUCH! Kristina made the most delicious meals, they helped me through a job interview for the lead graphic artist position at Whole Foods Market in Devon (which I got!),  and put their trust in me to photograph Songja's wedding. Thank you so much, I love you all <3


I have one more wedding in October and I'll also be photographing Songja & Michael's party for friends and extended family in mid August.