Nonna's Rings

When I was about 19 years old my Nonna pulled out her jewelry box and gave me 2 rings that I haven't taken off since. 

One is a ring that my Nonna's sister, my Zia Gabri, got custom made for her in Italy. I've always thought it was such a unique ring and I love it so much! Zia Gabri passed a couple years back and was very dear to my Nonna. Sometimes she'll catch the ring on my finger and want to wear it for a couple days. 

The other ring she gave me was her wedding band from my Nonno. She doesn't wear it anymore because it doesn't fit her and she doesn't want it sitting in her jewelry box. It has his name, Gianni, engraved in it and the date they were married- April 2nd, 1956. This one is especially dear to me. 

I just got a macro lens (really specifically for rings and jewelry when I shoot weddings and engagements) and wanted to test it I pulled off my rings and shot a couple images! 


ALSO- one last note. I wear both these rings on the MIDDLE fingers of each of my hands (because those are the fingers they fit!). I would wear them on whatever finger they fit to keep these close to me at all times. But Nonna told me if they only fit on my ring fingers I wasn't allowed to have them because then nobody would marry me. This is a very old fashioned lady we're dealing with!