North Cape May

This is probably my last summer at the beach house I grew up in in North Cape May. My Nonna is down there alone and it's too big of a house for her to take care of, so she'll be moving in with my Aunt and Uncle at the end of the season. One of my favorite places there is my grandparent's tomato garden. My Nonno and Nonna worked so hard every year there to grow so many tomatoes to make sauce all throughout August. Luna has also found a love for it and enjoys walking between the plants. (Sometimes I even find her tossing tomatoes around like a ball or digging through the dirt!) I'll really miss there are the fig trees too. My old pup, Paci, used to lay under them in the summer to keep cool. You haven't really tasted a fig unless you just picked it off a tree! All I can do is cherish the moments spent here and look forward to my Nonna being so close to me in Philadelphia.