Heather & Karen

Heather and Karen's wedding was one of my first weddings and probably one of my favorite. Their families were so full of love and joy that day and it made photographing the wedding so easy and such a pleasure. They made their wedding so different and tailored it to their fun and unique personalities. They met in college as theater majors, so of course they got married on a stage! And their first dance was a CHOREOGRAPHED MUSICAL! with it's own song and everything! 

Karen's mother just passed a few months ago and looking back on these photos of her buttoning up her daughter's gown and the love and happiness in her eyes for her daughter simply has no price. 

Photographs are memories to be held so dear. Photographs from your wedding day are something your children and their children will view, treasure and hold so close. Sometimes I like to pull out my grandmother's wedding album and look at it with her. I pull out my mother and father's wedding album, just to see my father's mother whom I never got to meet, my Nonno who passed a few years back, and my mother so happy! I think soon I'll photograph their albums and make a blog post about them. But for now, some of my favorite shots of Heather & Karen's wedding from July 2013. 


Getting Ready & Ceremony at the Swarthmore Players Club in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania
Reception at D'Ignazio's Towne House Restaurant in Media, Pennsylvania
Flowers by Whole Foods Market Wynnewood
Photography by Haley Richter Photography and Emily Assiran