Maureen and Davis get engaged! Philadelphia City Hall - Sunday, May 24, 2015

When Davis asked me to photograph his surprise proposal to his girlfriend, Maureen, I was so excited! Not only had I never done anything like this before, but Davis WAS ONTOP OF HIS GAME!!!! Davis was so prepared for this day and photo session- just the day before he somehow convinced Maureen she should treat herself and get a manicure and a new top for the occasion...without her knowing anything of course. He also booked a reservation for a Morimoto, a hotel room in center city... But wait, here's the kicker- he had also prepared an 8-page powerpoint for me which included a detailed timeline of the day, maps, and exactly where he was going to propose to her- the medium on Samsom and Broad with Philadelphia's beautiful City Hall in the background. CLASSIC. 

I was easy to hide behind my camera- I looked just like any other tourist photographing City Hall! Nothing to see here! He got down on one knee and popped the question. Maureen was beyond words, beaming from ear to ear, tears of happiness and disbelief! Passersby were stopping and fawning, cars were honking! It was so enthralling, beautiful and perfect. 

Congratulations Maureen and Davis on your future together! I'm so honored to have been there on this beautiful evening to document such a special day of your lives!