I took a leap of faith and I quit my full-time day job as a graphic artist at Whole Foods Market to pursue a career in fine-art wedding and portrait photography. And I'm beyond excited.

This was an especially hard decision for me. I thought I could straddle my full-time job with my photography business on the side for another year or so. But wedding inquiries kept coming in, I'm planning my own wedding this September, I wasn't spending time with my own friends and family, and more and more projects started falling by the way-side...so I knew something had to give.

I was no longer feeling fulfilled and happy at my day job- although at one point I was. Being a graphic artist with Whole Foods Market was my DREAM JOB to land coming out of art school. How cool is it that I get to draw, paint and build awesome displays for a fortune 500 company for a living?! However, company restructuring this past Autumn caused my position to be a lonely and much of the skill and talent that was once needed felt like it was no longer a requirement and I had grown out of my role.

I'm thankful that I gained so much knowledge during my 6 year stay with Whole Foods Market. I learned hand-lettering, calligraphy, ADOBLE ILLUSTRATOR, branding, social media marketing, BASIC HUMAN INTERACTION SKILLS, confidence...the list could really go on forever. I also met so many truly amazing leaders and friends along the way who I consider to be some of my BEST friends. They helped me develop in my career and become a better human being. Heck- I met the love of my life there and we're getting married! My time with this company will not be forgotten and I'll treasure my experiences and memories there. 

But now with 40 extra hours of free time, I'm excited to give more clients more dedicated time, planning, and more of my soul! I'm so thrilled to spend more time with my amazing border collie pup (maybe get another one...or five) and sweet sweet fiancè, start making time for MYSELF and my health, and make art that is MEANINGFUL to me and others around me! Most importantly, I'm excited to take a chance on myself...something I've NEVER done before. I always play life pretty safe and I've never made a jump this meaningful or significant with the possibility such risk. But the rewards will be so much more amazing! I'll be doing what I was meant to do and I'm not letting this opportunity go.

I just read an article that Mercury was in retrograde...basically this month the world is feeling a little whack-a-doodle and no impulsive decisions should be made during this time. Oops. Of course I'm scared. Since high school, I've ALWAYS had a very regular job relying on a very regular pay-check each Friday. There's a thought in the back of my brain telling me I will fail and I'm absolutely terrified that I won't provide what I need to make my dreams of a house and a yard full of puppies and chickens come true. But I know I won't. I work hard, and this is my PASSION. I know I'm going to photograph beautiful weddings, beautiful people and create so many gorgeous memories for countless families. I am beyond confident I have made the right decision and I am on the path that I was meant to take.