Nestled in the woods of Glen Mills is the Ivy Mills historical mansion that is right down the street from Joni and Andrea's home. Over the years, they've walked around the mansion grounds on walks in the neighborhood together. When the ban was lifted against same sex marriage in the summer of 2015 they decided the Ivy Mills Mansion was the perfect location to hold their wedding celebrating 39 years of love. 

When we celebrate weddings, we wish the couple well- hoping for a long and happy marriage. Although it was Joni and Andrea's wedding day- we were able to celebrate the success of this marriage.

Joni and Andrea have been through 39 years of love, joy, forgiveness, and sorrow- most couples haven't seen and been through what they have been through. This is what true love is- a pair who has weathered life together in all its ups and downs, in good times and bad. Finally, the government has allowed these two to join as one. Joni and Andrea, an example of a strong and loving relationship in their community and families, are now united as wives in the eye of the law.

It was an honor and privilege to work with these two beautiful women, capturing their rainy May wedding day.