Molly & Dylan | Under Construction 500 Walnut, Phila PA Wedding

Molly & Dylan


location: philadelphia, pa | 500 walnut
catering: 12th street catering | hair and makeup: ONLO beauty
dress: nordstroms | suit: MySuit | DJ: DJ Murph

"Dylan and I are a lot like succulents, we're low maintenance" 

Molly and Dylan had their small wedding party at 500 Walnut and had been planning to have it there for months. However, because construction doesn't always go according to plan, 500 Walnut was not yet complete for their date, which made for such unique and interested photos. Since Molly and her father had both been working on the building's completion, the space was very important to her, and it was even better to capture it in an unfinished an raw state. As if we were photographing it in just a chapter of it's life, it will never be in this incomplete state again, just as Molly and Dylan's marriage is just a chapter in their own lives which they will grow from. 

Molly's brother, Jeffrey, hand created custom ceramic planters with succulents for each wedding guest, which made for a touching and unique aspect of their wedding day.