Darelee + Anthony | Light and Airy Indoor Engagement Session in 660 Collective


Anthony + Darelee

I was lucky enough to host the very first engagement session in our new studio space, 660 Collective, with our second shooter Anthony and his fiancee! Getting Anthony on the other side of the lens was easy and knew how to work the camera for me and helped his partner into feeling at ease. She got into the swing of things rather quickly and they gave us some GORGEOUS chemistry and love which was such a joy to capture! What’s so great about our new space is what we have dubbed the light room. There is a large warehouse space that gets great natural light in certain parts of the day, but the Light Room gets beautiful natural light from the crack of dawn until the dusk and I kid you not. These images were taken in the last hours of daylight on the darkest rainiest of days and we still got such gorgeous and bright images. I’m excited to capture more sessions here and also invite other photographers to use this space! I’d love to see what others can create!